Widow, 70, goes blind after mistakenly using ear drops for eyes

A WIDOW has gone blind after she mistakenly used ear drops for her eyes. Sabiah Rabion from Johor Baru damaged the nerves of her eyes, rendering herself blind.

"I have been suffering for six years and my blindness has caused me to have difficulties in going about my daily routine such as cooking and cleaning," Harian Metro quoted her as saying in a report yesterday.

Her plight came to light when she requested financial assistance from Majlis Agama Islam Johor (MAIJ). Representatives visited her to assess her situation and her eligibility for aid.

According to Sabiah, she turned down an offer from her son to live with him. "I do not want to live with him because I am afraid that I will burden him as he already has a family," she said.

The widow gets by with help from her brother and neighbours who visit her often. Despite her blindness, she still insists on doing her own housework.