Isuzu Dura-Miles Challenge in Miri again

FOLLOWING the success of the last two “Dura-Miles Challenge” in Ipoh and Kuching, Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd (IMSB) recently organised its fuel efficiency campaign again in Miri.

The competition’s objective is to test one of the D-Max pick-up truck’s key strength which is its fuel efficiency and at the same time to stay connected to the customers. Isuzu is well known in building vehicles that has extremely low fuel consumption. Fuel efficiency is one of the most important factors to the environment, a company’s running cost and to the consumers, as the price of fuel has steadily increased since mid-2016.

Unlike most other competitions where speed of completion was the criteria for winning, in this one, the driver who completed the entire journey with the lowest fuel consumption was declared the winner.

The Miri event was held on Dec 9, where it started at the Isuzu Miri 3S Centre to Samalaju Resort Hotel, and back to Coco Cabana, covering a distance of 280km. The competition saw the most participants with 35 competitors in total. The participants drove through scenic coastal road throughout their drive and completed the challenge within four hours.

For Kuching, the route started in “Taman Rekreasi Batu Kawah (MJC)” to Sematan Palm Beach Resort, and back to MJC, a distance of approximately 208km, taking four hours to complete. Twenty-nine of their existing customers participated in this challenge.

As for Ipoh, the route started from “Aeon Kinta City” to Hotel Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Lumut, and back to MH Hotel for a distance of approximately 250km, taking four hours and 30 minutes to complete. Twenty-seven owners participated in this challenge.

Speaking on this campaign, IMSB chief operating officer, Masayuki Suzuki, emphasised on Isuzu’s core brand values that are fuel efficiency, along with durability and reliability.

“From year to year, our D-Max innovation and evolution have made it a preferred pick-up truck for motorist due to its performance, comfort, dependability and certainly its fuel efficiency. To push our product limits, we did our third attempt to test our D-Max fuel efficiency in Dura-Miles Challenge in 2015. We drove from Bangkok and travelled across three countries in four days with just one full tank of diesel. The distance covered was 1,809 km which averaged at 24km per litre of fuel. Thus far, our D-Max has never failed to impress us in terms of its economical fuel consumption”.

This time around, Isuzu organised this competition so that their customers can experience for themselves the fuel efficiency by participating in this challenge and have fun at the same time. Through this event, the customers are able to realise how far they can go with just a little fuel in their D-Max and that they have made a good choice by owning an Isuzu D-Max, he added.