MaxContact MC6 rolls into market

CONTINENTAL Tyres has introduced the next-generation MaxContact MC6, another pillar of its Generation 6 products. It is not just a successor of the MaxContact MC5; its features have been recalibrated into an even sportier tyre.

Featuring German technology and incorporating Continental’s automotive expertise, the new MC6 provides solid stability, maximum safety and ultimate grip with exceptional feedback and superior handling for the adventurous driver. Compared to its predecessor, the MC6 delivers a significant improvement in wet and dry handling, wet braking, and mileage performance.

“With the launch of the MaxContact MC6, we look to bring forth a line that is the epitome of German technology designed for local roads. With the cutting edge technology, we are looking to create a competitive presence in the tyre industry catered for sporty drivers,” said Continental Tyre Malaysia (CTM) managing director, Cameron Wilson.

Among the MC6’s product highlights are:

- Multifunctional Tread Design that enhances grip and handling while reducing braking distances in wet and dry conditions: Its pattern design enables maximum grip where safety counts and cornering speed. The multifunctional tyre tread gives the driver maximum stability and shorter braking distances.

- Adaptive Grip Compound that enables superior grip levels that interlock with the road’s surface. The MC6’s compound enables maximum grip and safety due to the perfect adaptation to various road surfaces - down to the nanometer scale.

- Xtreme Force Construction that delivers exceptional cornering performance. At hard cornering and high speed, the stiffness of the Xtreme-Force ply material reduces tyre flexing and provides maximum control and better handling. At lower speed the adaptive ply material retains its flexibility to ensure a comfortable ride.

Beyond its dynamic qualities, the MC6 features include good mileage performance and low noise levels for everyday driving. The product range is available for rims with diameters from 16 to 20 inches with the 20-inch tyres imported from Europe (the others are manufactured at CTM’s Alor Setar plant), covering a wide range of passenger vehicle models.