A peek into what will be trending in 2018

WE’VE just stepped into the new year and what better time than now, to take a look at what will be the in thing in interior design and home decor according to experts and authorities in the industry. From colours to statement pieces and styles, it looks as though homeowners will have a whale of a time where home decor and furnishing are concerned.

Beginning with the most highly anticipated announcement especially to those in the “artistic” and “creative” fields, Pantone Colour of the Year. Pantone Colour Institute, the highly regarded international institution pronounced a blue-based purple “Ultra Violet” as the trending colour for 2018. Ultra Violet apparently “takes our awareness and potential to a higher level,” says Pantone Colour Institute vice-president Laurie Pressman.

In the announcement, Pantone representatives claimed that Ultra Violet symbolises experimentation and represents non-conformity, spurring individuals to “imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets”.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Lamps Plus trends and interior design producer Michael Murphy said, “Having its root in two colours (red and blue), it is a colour of inclusion.” Murphy advised homeowners to pair the colour with Pantone colours “Lemon Zest”, “Monaco Blue”, “Hemlock” and/or “Poppy Red”.

For those unaccustomed to striking colours, Ultra Violet might be a little overwhelming and bold. Hence, it is advisable that the colour is introduced in the home through accents (main pix). It can be as simple as placing stalks of lavender in glass vases or a rug with threads of violet.

For HGTV Home creative director Nancy Fire, Ultra Violet “works well as an accent pillow, wallpaper geometric combined with grey, and of course, a regal paint colour that plays well with grey, loden green and many neutrals”.

Jotun Global on the other hand, released three colour themes as its “Jotun Global Colour Trends 2018”. The shades are called City Motions, Silent Serenity and Lush Garden.

“Our research identified three trends that are common to inhabitants of every global city – our longing for the restorative power of nature; our dream of a calmer, slower-paced way of life in the sun; and our desire to make the most of our increasingly compact urban living spaces in minimalist but creative ways,” shared Jotun Global colour manager Lisbeth Larsen. These themes were curated to reflect both, the realities of modern living and inspire the imagination, which tends to allow homeowners to create and capture a distinct temperature, feeling and atmosphere that best reflects reality and creativity.

City Motions is reflective of the creative culture of the modern metropolis. With its deep blues, marble greys and woody browns, it is the theme for the design-conscious urbanite who wants to transform a compact living space to represent cool, clean lines and understated elegance. Blues create a calming effect, which is needed to survive the urban jungle, and when paired with materials such as wool, linen, leather, velvet, stone and ceramics, the combination creates a relaxed, down-to-earth style.

Inspired by the travels of the global nomad and multicultural lifestyles, Silent Serenity is used to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere with soothing creams, desert browns and muted peaches. Cultural pieces such as old pots, iron, baskets, ceramics and handcrafted pieces in natural materials (think stone, natural leather and terracotta) complement the colour theme.

Lastly, Jotun Global may have taken a leaf out of Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 for its Lush Garden theme. The colour configuration, which is actually inspired by the natural habitats of our very own country and neighbouring Vietnam, uses blue-greens, golden yellow and red browns. It expresses a playful combination of hues that correspond with modern interiors. Style the room with a fun mix of colours, huge plants, bright flowers, ethnic and vintage objects, and natural materials like linen, silks, baskets and ceramics.

Backed by global data, Pinterest identified 10 interior design trends in its annual “Pinterest 100” report. Here is what “it” says:

Homeowners are wising up and choosing “sage” as the new neutral (+170%). The warm shade is perfect for rooms looking for a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Many agreed to pair sage with cream and grey furniture and textiles, or take it to the next level by mixing metal accents such as bronze and brass (+423%).

The new year is also about making a statement in one’s home. Wall art (+637%) such as large posters and works of art and photography prints are blowing up, as homeowners move towards giving rooms a personality.

Similarly, the ceiling, also known as the “fifth wall”, gets the accent treatment (+310%), as it gets drenched in bold paint, given a striking wallpaper or carved with intricate textures. The humble front door gets some extra attention this year, as budding interior designers look for ways and means to make the main entrance more welcoming for guests by painting it in bright shades or simply laying out a welcome mat (+121%).

Unsurprisingly, the ever versatile herringbone pattern (+131%) remains popular with homeowners; used to dress up bathroom walls and living room wooden floors.

What d’you know? Maximalism, as opposed to minimalism, is on the rise as well, and seen in the surge of searches for bone inlay (+207%) patterns. It is a popular choice for accent pieces, such as a chest of drawers or a side table. Terrazzo (+316%), a blast from the past, has homeowners bringing dizzying terrazzo configurations and designs into kitchen backsplashes, shower areas, as well as kitchen counters.

As the “hygge” movement grows, it is no surprise that more people are learning to implement self-care into their daily lives. Finding a moment to “pause” during the day in city living, homeowners are turning their bathrooms into mini spas (+269%), complete with rattan furniture for that “vacay vibe”. Complete the look with patterned and purposeful houseplants (+533%) to purify the air and rest the eyes.

Looking at what’s trending, it seems like 2018 will be all about expressing oneself through statement pieces, at the same time, creating a home one can take respite in, to relax and rejuvenate. Whether homeowners follow the trend or not, these are really just views and suggestions – what’s popular with the masses. Our take: experiment to find out what suits you and your household, and be happy!