Caltex Havoline new and improved range of bike oils for urban riders

WITH rapid urbanisation and harsh traffic conditions, Caltex Havoline, marketed by Chevron Malaysia Limited, today unveiled its next generation of motorcycle oils to address these challenging conditions. The new range consists of the flagship Havoline Super 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40 product, and other motorcycle and scooter engine oils across its synthetic and mineral grades.

Caltex Havoline’s latest proprietary C.O.R.E. Technology was developed to address the concerns of today’s urban riders and to provide an enhanced engine performance for both new and old motorcycles. Complementing the newly reformulated semi-synthetic motorcycle oil products is the brand’s very own “Zoomtech” additive technology, aimed at giving riders an optimised power transfer.

“Motorcycles make up almost 46% of the registered vehicles on Malaysian roads and in start-stop city traffic and congestion, the vehicles are constantly under stress. For our consumers, our latest range of motorcycle engine oils with C.O.R.E. Technology and Zoomtech booster, aims to give riders a reliable product that is especially suited for urban commuting,” said Chevron Lubricants’ regional marketing manager (Asia Pacific), Lennard Kwek.

Product technology

Caltex Havoline developed its proprietary C.O.R.E. Technology to address key concerns faced by urban motorcyclists in stressful city traffic conditions, and delivers a more enjoyable riding experience with enhanced engine performance. This is a timely one in anticipation of the growing urbanisation of the country in the very near future.
Also, exclusively available in Super 4T Semi-Synthetic and Mineral is Havoline’s very own Zoomtech additive technology.

C.O.R.E. Technology*

Among its attributes are:
- Cleaning and protecting for a more efficient and cleaner engine to deliver superior performance.
- Oxidation stability that provides heat protection against oil degradation.
- Reducing engine heat damage with superior oil stability for continuous protection.
- Enhancing acceleration through improved clutch grip even under high loads.

*Available in all products except Havoline Ezy 4T.


Oils formulated with Zoomtech improve clutch grip for better power transfer, to enhance acceleration at a twist of the throttle. Havoline Super 4T Semi-Synthetic 4T delivers 13% improvement in static friction index (measured against JASO T903:2016) for better clutch grip and enhanced acceleration compared to Havoline Super 4T Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40.

The top-of-the-range Havoline Super 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40 with C.O.R.E. Technology is suited for high performance, large capacity two wheelers. To cope with the high revving engines and additional heat generated, it has been formulated to be 50% superior compared to industry standard in oxidation stability. This means that the engine will be better protected against heat damage.

Scooter engine oil – meets latest API SN

The scooter engine oils range has been upgraded to meet the latest industry standard of API SN. The key benefit for scooter riders is that they can now enjoy the improved product performance of an API SN oil whether they purchase a semi-synthetic or mineral oil. All products are also compatible with most modern Japanese scooters as they carry the recommended JASO MB standard. A JASO MB oil, which is suitable for dry-clutch gearboxes, ensures lower frictional properties to deliver maximum engine efficiency.

“Staying true to the evolving nature of our brand, we have always been motivated to develop and innovate in our products to offer the best possible journey for our consumers. It has always been our pride to not only offer products that are at the forefront of technology, but to also have benefits that address motorcyclists’ concerns,” shared Kwek.

Havoline’s latest family of motorcycle oils is specially crafted by experts to give riders enhanced acceleration, optimum heat protection and better engine performance, which all make for an exciting and stronger ride, especially in an urban setting.

‘Ride Strong’ promotional pack

In line with the launch of this new range, Chevron Malaysia Limited is running a special bundle pack promotion for riders to enjoy a stronger ride, delivering performance in every bottle.
With every purchase of Havoline Super 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40, or Havoline Super 4T Semi-Synthetic SAE 10W-40, consumers will receive a free limited-edition microfibre towel with “Ride Strong” branding.