Prostitute dies after falling five floors during bizarre sex on balcony

The victim, Wannipa 'Joy' Janhuathon.
Reece Vella after he was apprehended by Thai police.
Thai police at the scene.

A TROUBLED former British soldier inadvertently knocked down a Thai prostitute while they were having sex at the balcony of an apartment in Pattaya, Thailand.

In the 5am incident on Jan 6, Reece Vella had engaged the services of Wannipa 'Joy' Janhuathon, 26, for £35 (RM190).

It is learned they proceeded to romp in a strange extravagant fashion at the ledge of the apartment balcony.

The body of Wannipa was found after a security officer on duty heard a loud noise.

''I was sitting in front of the entrance gate. I heard the sound of a crash. I walked to check and saw a shadow on the ground which turned out to be the body of a woman without clothes," said security guard Kriengsak Khamchachai.

Wannipa died from severe head injuries and multiple fractures following the fall.

A half-empty packet of the sex stimulant Kamara oral jelly was found beside her body.

Reece who had overstayed his tourist visa by more than two months fled the scene before he was apprehended by police at a local bar the following day.

He faces 10 years in prison if convicted under the charges of 'negligence causing others to die.

UK police have said that Reece from Worcester, England, is listed in the Sex Offenders Register for life, following previous transgressions.