Student cheated of RM12,000 in escort scam

KUALA LUMPUR: A university student looking for a part-time job to help pay her college fees ended up being cheated of RM12,000 instead.

The woman, identified as Amy, said she received a text message from a stranger identified as Mike who offered her a job as an escort.

To secure the job, he asked Amy to pay RM12,000 as a deposit to allegedly open an account with the company.

"He said after I deposit the money, I could start work. After I paid the money in instalments, he then asked for another RM750 for processing and GST.

"I then realised it was a scam and he has since rejected all my requests for a refund," she told a press conference organised by MCA public services and complaints department chief, Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

Amy is now being assisted by the department's legal team.

Chong, meanwhile said students should be more cautious and not get duped into such scams.

He said the department received numerous complaints similar to this and have issued many warnings.

"Students who are looking for extra income should take up legal part-time jobs and not look for short-cuts to earn fast money," he said.

He said the department had also received complaints where women have been blackmailed and some cheated into prostitution and other vice activities.

"There are all kinds of scammers out there and it is up to us to remain vigilant and make sure we do not fall victim to them," he added.