Cleaner throws chairs, other objects from 4th floor of Shah Alam flat

THE death of 15-year-old student S. Satiswaran on Monday after he was struck by a chair thrown from the upper floors of a flat in Kuala Lumpur could have been avoided.

As we mourn his senseless death, another case of objects being thrown from a high-rise building has come to light.

A Facebook post on Jan 2 showing a woman throwing down chairs and metal objects from the fourth floor of a Shah Alam flat has gone viral on social media

In the post, Facebook user Cma Sima claimed the culprit who was caught in the act is believed to be a cleaner for the building.

The post shows photos show the ground littered with plastic chairs and objects from a kitchen stove and an electric fan.

The woman said she made sure no one was on the ground floor when she threw the objects down.

"Turns out, they always do this at the other blocks. As long as no one chides them, they will keep doing it," Cma Sima wrote.

She also posted a video of the woman was seen crying and apologising.

Watch the video here: