Lorry driver goes berserk and swings hammer at motorist

WHAT seemed like a minor accident between a lorry and a sedan quickly escalated into a ruckus at a junction in Johor Baru on Monday.

In the thirty-second video that went viral, the lorry driver is seen swinging a hammer at a grey Proton Wira and yelling at the victim who had his car door opened.

The video was uploaded by a Facebook user believed to be a witness to the incident.

"He's (lorry driver) a lunatic. We were caught in a traffic jam just now and this inconsiderate lorry driver got down from his lorry to shout at the victim. Don't you know how to drive? "Don't you know how to move?" said the witness.

"The car was making its way out of the clear junction, with the lorry still far behind. However, this road bully sped up and crashed into the car intentionally upon noticing the car driving out midway. Really baffling this JB nuts!".

Below is the link to the video