Durian thief escapes, then gets caught after accidental burp

A 34-YEAR-OLD man who was detained in Kampung Tengah, Segamat on Jan 28 for reportedly stealing durians, was arrested in the most bizzare of circumstances.

Having vehemently pleaded innocence when police approached him, his accidental burp unleashed durian odour from his breath which was his undoing.

It all started when police officers on duty noticed a suspicious looking Perodua Kembara parked at the shoulder of the road while they were patrolling the area at 2pm.

The suspect who noticed the police, immediately turned on the engine when he was approached by the police.

Upon preliminary investigations, the Perodua Kembara used by the suspect was actually reported missing a few days ago.

The vehicle had a fake licence plate, with an expired road tax and insurance.

Further investigations revealed that the registration number of the car was meant to be for a different vehicle.

Segamat District Police Chief Superintendent Raub Selamat said the suspect denied accusations that he stole the durians and told the police officers that he was allergic and would feel disgusted from just smelling the fruit.

Following his 'durian burp', police ransacked his car and found RM450 worth of stolen Musang King durians.

"The suspect has at least four past criminal records related to drugs. He has also been found positive for Methamphetamine through urine tests," Raub Selamat revealed.