Cheaper petrol without subsidies

PETROL station owners are at it again. Luring customers with gifts. For every RM20 purchase of petrol, customers just have to scratch a coupon to win a prize.

It costs money to run a competition. Why not use the same resources to lower prices?

The controlled weekly prices should be the maximum charged. If any petrol station owner wishes to sell at a lower price, why stop them. There is no need to do so especially when the consumer benefits and it helps to reduce the rising cost of living.

Besides, the petrol station will have to offer superior service to draw more customers in addition to lower fuel prices.

Why are we restricting competition? The inefficient petrol stations will be forced out of business in a competitive environment unless they buck up.

Another way to reduce petrol prices is to allow supermarkets to sell petrol as widely practised in the UK ​where supermarkets sell almost half of all petrol sold in ​the country​.

Wouldn't it be convenient for the public to buy their groceries and then fill up their tanks after shopping in the same premises?

Supermarkets do have the incentive to sell (cheaper) petrol at a lower profit margin. After all, their core business is selling groceries and that's where their profits come from. They would not mind selling petrol at lower prices or even as a loss leader to attract more customers.

The government should seriously consider both the options to reduce the price of petrol without the need for more subsidies.

Pola Singh
Kuala Lumpur