Lights please at Bukit Jalil park

I AM appalled at the lackadaisical attitude of DBKL over its maintenance service in Bukit Jalil recreational park. In the past several weeks the lighting inside the park has malfunctioned but sadly it seems that no effort has been taken to restore the lighting.

The lamp-posts in the park are usually lighted up and it is very popular for people to go there for their exercise, walk, jog and breathe the fresh air. Unfortunately, the past several weeks, many lamp posts were either not switched on or the bulbs had fused.

Some visitors have to bring along torchlights while walking or jogging inside the park as it is still dark at 7.30am. There have been a few incidents where joggers have stumbled in the darkness as they could not see the small hump on a pathway.

On Sunday, a senior citizen tripped on the uneven path and injured his hand, elbow and leg. Last week a young man also tripped over a pile of sand left on the road and ended up with lacerations to his chin, lips, palm and arm. All the incidents happened in the darkness before dawn.

Besides the malfunctioning lamp-posts, cracks on the paths and potholes need to be repaired. At the playground some of the outdoor gym equipment is badly in need of repairs or upgrading.

DBKL officers should investigate and take corrective measures.

K. P. Lim
Kuala Lumpur