Slick pickpockets carry out smooth robbery in broad daylight

A LOCAL university student was left shell-shocked after he was robbed by a group of "caring" foreigners.

Danial Muk took to Facebook to share his horrifying experience on how he got robbed in broad daylight in Sunway Pyramid last Friday.

The incident occurred at about 5pm. He was at a money exchange shop on the LG2 floor of Sunway Pyramid as he was preparing to travel soon. After he had gotten his foreign currency, he kept the cash in his backpack.

He said: "When I was done with the currency exchange place, I decided to walk around and perhaps run some other errands while I was at the mall."

To his shock, he was suddenly slathered with cream all over his back on his right side.

The cream was white and it had stained Daniel's shirt, jeans, and backpack, and some of the cream even got to his arm.

Furious and disgusted at the situation, Daniel turned behind to catch the culprit and eyed a group of girls who had been directly behind him. However, they didn't seem to have a clue about what had happened and were probably too far away to have smothered cream on him.

"At the washroom. I washed off the gunk on my hand, then proceeded to get tissues to clean up my body. I took my bag off and laid it on the floor beside the sink (I get it, this was a mistake).

"As I was reaching out for the roll of tissues, a foreigner insisted on helping me clean up the mess."

Despite rejecting his offer countless time, the man was adamant to help.

"I eventually figured this was a tactic to distract me and gave room for his buddies to target me. Soon after that, I noticed two men rushing through the space between me and my bag heading out of the washroom."

In just mere seconds, Daniel's bag was no longer there.

"My first instinct was to chase after the men who had just left the toilet but as I ran out to the mall, they were nowhere to be found.

"I was pretty sure they had my bag because I saw them hugging it while running away from the mall," he related.

Upon realising his bag was stolen, Daniel rushed back to the toilet only to find that the initial man who wanted to help him clean up was also gone.

"I've lost many important things in my bag beside the cash including my laptop and priceless debate notes. Thinking about this just frustrates me because I got played right into their hands despite noticing the strange signs all along."

Daniel reported the case to Sunway Pyramid's security and had made a police report.

There was no CCTV footage installed at the scene of the incident.

Eventually, they figured that the 'cream' that was slathered all over his body was actually lotion or hand cream.