Allow form 2 students to join DLP class

I DON'T understand why the Education Ministry doesn't allow Form 2 students to transfer to the dual language programme (DLP).

Besides Form 1, Form 2 is the perfect time to let students transfer to DLP class. There is no major exam in Form 2 and PT3 exam is still two years away. Students will have more than enough time to master Maths and Science in English before the PT3 exam.

Don't enforce a blanket ban on Form 2 students. At the very least transfer those who have a good command of English.

If the Education Ministry is confident that DLP is good for the country and a student's future then don't hesitate anymore. The ministry can start by instructing all secondary schools to conduct a survey among Form 2 students, to check how many of them would like to study in DLP. Then make the necessary transfer arrangements before the first school term break in March, especially in secondary schools that have both DLP and Non-DLP classes.

I hope the Education Ministry will take this issue seriously and address it urgently, and be decisive. Give every student who wants to study in DLP the opportunity to do so.

Form 2 student's parent