Irresponsible shoppers pry open mandarin orange boxes to cherry-pick the best.

A NETIZEN shared an unpleasant Chinese New Year shopping experience which showed the total absence of civic consciousness in our society.

In the incident on Feb 4 shoppers were seen crowding a section of a hypermarket that was stocked with boxes of tangerines.

Medium-sized tangerines were sold at RM10.68, while smaller-sized tangerines were sold at RM10.48.

Tangerines are usually sold in sealed boxes, so consumers are unable to check the condition of the fruits.

In this case, however, the boxes were apparently opened and there was a picture of shoppers picking out the tangerines they like and stuffing them into their box.

"Some people were spotted opening the boxes filled with tangerines. They emptied the S tangerine box and filled it with M size tangerines instead," said the netizen.

"I really feel sorry for the hypermarket owner. A lot of people came today with RM100 cash vouchers for their new year shopping," he added.

He expressed his displeasure at what can be deemed as the 'cheap behaviour' of the shoppers.

"Why are these people so calculative over a 20 sen item? If a person had opened the box to choose all the big tangerines, would others buy the remaining ones left in the opened box?" he asked.

"I took a picture of the scene and showed it to the staff. They said measures will be taken towards the irresponsible shoppers."

He added that he saw shoppers ripping open packaged chicken which had their prices labelled on them, to add more chicken.

"Chicken that has been packaged properly with the indicated weight and price labels have also been ripped open so these shoppers can add more chicken! I have seen people peeling the heads off prawns before weighing them in the past," he said.

The post instantly caught the attention of local netizens, who were mostly shocked at such behaviour. Some shared their personal experiences, such as witnessing fruits being stolen, people placing items on random racks, and even clothes stained with mucus when tissue was unavailable.

Other suggested the hypermarket should blacklist these shoppers for being petty and inconsiderate.