D.Tharani's family sees alleged killer for the first time at court

PETALING JAYA: The family of the murder victim D. Tharani saw the alleged perpetrator who cruelly robbed her of her life for the first time today when he was brought to court.

M. Gunasegaran, 37 was brought to the Petaling Jaya magistrate's court where he was charged for the murder of Tharani.

When the charge was read out in front of Magistrate Nor Hisham Ariffin, the accused clad in a white t-shirt, nodded that he understood the charge against him.

No plea was recorded from the accused who was charged under Section 302 of Penal code, which carries the death sentence upon conviction.

The suspect surrendered himself to the police on Feb 5 after stabbing Tharani in the neck at the Giant Kota Damansara at 1:50pm because she allegedly spurned his marriage advances and said she planned to marry another man.

She succumbed to her injuries and died on the same day.

The suspect later drove to the Damansara police station about 4pm with her body in a white car and confessed what he had done.

They were both working in a condominium where she was employed as an admin clerk and he was a security guard there.

Lawyer M. Manoharan who was holding a watching brief for the family of the victim was present in the courtroom.

He told reporters outside the court that the family has no knowledge of Gunasegaran's relationship with Tharani and today was the first time they were seeing him.

Her father, Devarajoo Maruthai and her elder sister D. Gunavathi were present in court.