Kuchai Avenue road bully arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: Police arrested a road bully who allegedly attacked two brothers following a minor road accident at Kuchai Avenue on Saturday.

The brothers were not only beaten up by the suspect but one of them was also stabbed in the thigh with a pen knife.

Relating the incident in a Facebook posting on Monday, Jimmy Soo said he was waiting in his car for his brother in front of a row of shophouses when another vehicle made a U-turn and hit his bumper before driving off.

He said he honked but the driver ignored him and continued driving off.

His brother arrived at the same time and they both decided to pursue the car which came to a stop about 400m away due to standstill traffic.

Soo said when his brother stepped out of their car to inspect the damage, a passenger of the other car did the same and charged at him with a knife without saying anything.

He said moments later, the driver and another passenger stepped out and watched the attack but did not bother stopping the attacker.

Soo said he too rushed out to stop the attack but was attacked by the man.

"My brother fell on the road and was stabbed by the attacker. I was not spared too. He came around blowing punches on my face and smashed my spectacles, causing injuries to my face," he said.

Soo who recorded the incident on a car camera lodged two reports on the accident and attack. He also managed to record the car registration plate.

Kuala Lumpur police launched a hunt for the suspects and an alert sent out to police nationwide led to his arrest on Monday by Selangor police.

It is believed that on arresting the man, he was found in possession of drugs and was remanded for investigations for the offence.

The suspect is expected to be handed over to Brickfields police for investigations over the attack on the brothers.