Job well done, Malaysians!

INSTEAD of being busy on mobile phones, motorists showed some civic consciousness by moving their vehicles to the side during an accident that occurred at the Menora Tunnel, Ipoh.

The incident which occurred on Monday at around 11.30am saw two cars overturned, causing a five-kilometre congestion from Ipoh towards Kuala Kangsar.

Both lanes of the tunnel had to be temporarily closed leaving rescue units clueless to get to the site due to the massive congestion.

However, thanks to fellow motorists, the task was made easy.

Photos of the accident went viral on social media, and netizens praised Malaysians for handling the situation well.

"Good job Malaysians! Finally we are learning to give way to emergency services and show our civic-mindedness. Salute!

Federal police Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department principal assistant director (enforcement) Superintendent Mustafa Bakri Salleh also expressed his gratitude to the motorists and said, "Thanks to the cooperation of all, including the traffic police, PLUS staff and road users, rescue units were able to pass to reach the site of the accident."

The tunnel was reopened at 12pm after clean-up work was completed and the traffic started moving again. There were no reports of the victims' injuries because when the rescue units arrived, they had already left the site of accident.