Irate customer loses patience and bashes cashier

THE crowd at malls during festivities can be a source of great angst to many.

Some teeter on the brink of a meltdown amidst all the chaos that goes on.

This is precisely what happened at the BarbQ Plaza in Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang when the video of a man beating up a cashier went viral.

Having become agitated at a crowded eatery while waiting in line, a man clad in a dark T-shirt went up to the cashier and started punching him in his face.

The force with which the victim was punched left him on the deck.

Not content with the punches landed, the assailant then continued to pound the grounded victim, who had no choice but to finally retaliate and throwback punches at the man behind the counter.

Bystanders and staffs from the eatery rushed to diffuse the tension and managed to stop the fight.

The video was shared over 11,000 times on social media at the time of writing.

The majority of netizens were unanimous in their criticism of the man who lost his patience.

"This guy needs to be taught a lesson. Let's keep sharing this post until he's caught!" wrote a user.

"If you can't wait in line during Chinese New Year, then go home and cook your own food. Your attitude is worse than animals!" said another.

The cashier had lodged a police report against the man and received outpatient treatment at the hospital.

Below is the video of the incident