Marathon pacer's heartbeat improves, family hopeful

PETALING JAYA: The family of marathon pacer Evelyn Ang is holding on to hope after her heartbeat improved on Saturday.

Her sister, Carolyn Ang, told theSun that they will be keeping her on life support after that sign of improvement.

"She is stable though still unconscious. Her heart beat improved around midnight on Saturday. All of us want her to sustain and slowly recover," she said.

"There have been cases of people diagnosed with no brain movement but when sent elsewhere, they recover," she added.

On Friday, Carolyn had posted a message on Facebook calling out to her sister's friends to say their final goodbyes.

This came following doctors' advice that she wasn't expected to make it beyond the weekend.

It is learnt that since last month she has undergone 12 surgeries since the accident and is now in stable condition, but is still being closely monitored at the hospital.

On Feb 20, Teoh Thiam Lim, 28, pleaded not guilty to a charge of reckless and dangerous driving that resulted in injuries to Ang and the two other participants of the Klang City International Marathon.

He was charged with driving in a reckless manner that could endanger others at Batu 2, Jalan Kapar, here at about 4.30am on Dec 10 last year.

The charge, under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, provides an imprisonment for up to five years and fine of up to RM15,000.

Teoh was reported to have hit the runners from the back, causing grievous injuries to Ang.