Movie review: Think Big Big

MOON (Yoong) is a happy-go-lucky plus-size girl who works as a mascot at a theme park. To earn extra money, she joins a weight loss competition.

That is when her troubles begin. She becomes obsessed with perfection, and is eager to get more likes on Instagram. Her smartphone becomes her new companion.

As her relationship with her friends and parents suffers as a result of her obsession, her life becomes stressful and miserable.

Eventually, Moon realises that her quest for fame has blinded her to the truly important things in her life.

Expectations were high for this latest film by Chiu, who has two box-office hits in The Journey (2014) and OlaBola (2016).

But if you are a film buff, you might be disappointed with Think Big Big.

Personally, I feel there are many moments in this film that will touch your heart. I left the cinema hall with warm feelings, a need to call my mother, and wanting to be a better friend to those around me.

Yoong gives a wonderfully convincing performance as a plus-size woman who faces discrimination.

As the star of the show, she will make you laugh, and cry.

The other strength of the film is how it captures Moon’s hometown (Bukit Pelanduk, Negeri Sembilan) so beautifully.

Chiu always knows how to bring out the beauty of his location in most of his films.

Of course, the film is far from perfect. There are some draggy moments here and there.

Think Big Big has a solid beginning, but halfway through, the story loses some momentum. It almost feels like the director did not know to how end his story with a bang.

Chiu adeptly begins by showing how social media obsession affects his characters, but is seemingly afraid to push the envelope further. He restrained himself, and this is his mistake.

If it were to be likened to a three-course dinner, Think Big Big would consist of a fantastic appetiser, a decent main course, and a horrible dessert.