From Standard 6 dropout to cattle farming millionaire

DROPPING out of school at Standard Six to be a construction worker before tending to cows is not usually a good idea, but Saipol Azmir Zainuddin had a clear goal in mind.

From a cow herd, he grew into a cattle farmer, before becoming a millionaire at age 33 through cattle farming.

"Although I dropped out of school way earlier than my friends, that didn't break my spirit, because being a farmer has always been my dream," Saipol was quoted by Harian Metro as saying. "I didn't quit my studies for nothing, because I wanted to work as a construction worker."

Saipol's first pay as a construction worker was RM750. He spent RM450 to buy a calf to breed every month and this went on until he was 18 years old.

"By the time I was 18, I've already had 300 cows. During that time, my father and I raised and sold cows to villagers. I saved up all the profit made because it has always been my dream to own a farm," he said.

By 19, Saipol was selling cows full-time and was financially stable. He owned a car and a house. He expanded his business further by applying for a RM100,000 loan through the Farmer's Organisation Authority Malaysia (LPP).

He also managed to expand his market throughout the whole country through the help of LPP and other government agencies.

Now, the 33-year-old millionaire farmer owns 800 cattle, 150 goats and 30 buffaloes.