Girlfriend stands by her man even after tumour spreads all over his face

Atittaya and her boyfriend Pooh. — Facebook
Pooh before cancer disfigured his face. — Facebook

A YOUNG woman is standing by her boyfriend although the cancer tumour that has spread over his face has disfigured him horrifyingly.

Atittaya Chumkeaw has to care her boyfriend, Pooh Chokchai Kaew, 21, who is suffering from eye cancer.

The woman from Songkhla posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend on facebook with a note: "Third anniversary, love the same".

Her post went viral after it was shared by a group named "True Buddhism".

A post on read: "The young man is suffering from end-stage cancer that has spread throughout his face. The family revealed that doctors have no treatment, with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. But the young man still hopes for a miracle and that the tumour will disappear."