Promote greater acceptance

"ACCEPTANCE is better than tolerance" (Letters, March 1) refers. By tolerating, one must bear with difficulties, sacrifices, etc. However, being accepting, one recognises the difference individuals may exhibit.

We do not have to judge but recognising the rights and civic actions of others is often a stepping stone to good harmonious relationship and collaboration for the basic human good.

However, I do not agree with the suggestions of leaving one's religion in the prayer room and leaving race and ethnicity in the home.

In dealing with other human beings I cannot change the way I have evolved especially in the good teaching of my professed faith.

I need to live out my faith belief though I must be conscious of not imposing my point of view on others.

Being aware of my own race makes me even more conscious of the needs for all of us to make fruitful collaborative efforts to promote greater acceptance and harmony.

Tham Kum Weng
Petaling Jaya