Naked passenger nabbed on flight from KL to Dhaka

PETALING JAYA: A passenger who stripped naked on flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka was arrested by the Dhaka security team and has been remanded after the aircraft landed on Saturday.

The airline representative said the it had received a report about a disruptive passenger on board the flight.

"The crew followed the airline's standard procedure and restrained the passenger to stop from disturbing other passengers on board the flight," the representative said today.

The representative said the crew took the correct measures to ensure the safety of other passengers on board the flight.

Pictures of the passenger misbehaving has gone viral on the social media.

According to a passenger, the Bangladeshi passenger started behaving strangely not long after the aircraft had taken off.

"The Bangladeshi stripped naked and started watching porn on his laptop, ignoring all those around him. The cabin crew approached him and politely asked him to put on his clothes.

"He complied with their request. A short while later there was some commotion at the toilet area and it turned out that he was harassing a stewardess," said the passenger.

He added that this was not the end of the bad behaviour by the young Bangladeshi passenger.

He said Bangladeshi started to misbehave and became aggressive after the cabin crew asked him to calm down.

The passenger said the cabin was left with no choice but to restrain him, adding that the others on board were glad that they had taken such action.