Movie review: Cease Fire 2

MOST of us who are familiar with Iranian films usually know about their serious dramas, but not their comedies.

This movie (initially released in 2014) is a great way to kick off the 2018 Iranian Film Festival, which begins today in selected GSC cinemas.

Cease Fire 2’s simple storyline only focuses on a few characters, and their personal issues.

The story begins with a couple, played by Bahram and Mitra, who are bickering at the airport.

They run into a psychiatrist played by Atila, whose services they once engaged in the past, and who helped save their rocky marriage. The plucky psychiatrist decides to help the couple once again.

What begins as an argument over never getting to go on holidays together evolves into other things, including nit-picking over minor details.

The psychiatrist makes some very interesting observations about their relationship, and makes them face not only the reality of their situation, but their own respective flaws as well.

The movie is not preachy with its message, which is about what makes a good marriage, but instead makes us laugh at this couple’s situation which many young couples can associate with.

However, the biggest scene stealer here is Gohar Kheirandish, who plays a matronly four-time widowed nanny who was hired to take care of the couple’s toddler son, but who ends up having designs on her boss.

Personally, after watching this movie, I am more curious about the film that preceded it, Cease Fire (released in 2006).

Cease Fire 2 is part of the line-up of the 2018 Iranian Film Festival in GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and GSC Mid Valley in the Klang Valley from now to March 17, GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang, from March 12-14, and GSC Paradigm Johor Baru from March 15-17.

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