Honda builds 25 millionth car in US

HONDA on Feb 28 built its 25 millionth automobile in the United States, a 2018 Accord produced at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. Beginning production in 1982, the plant made Honda the first Japanese automaker to produce cars in the US and is one of five Honda auto plants now operating in the United States.

Twelve different Honda and Acura cars and light trucks are now produced at the company's five auto plants in Ohio, Alabama and Indiana, along with the engines and transmissions that power them, which are produced in Ohio, Alabama and Georgia. Honda has invested almost $14 billion (RM55.41b) in its U.S. facilities that support automotive production including $3.4 billion (RM13.46b) in new investment during the past four years to advance Honda's US operations. Honda also purchases parts and materials from 624 original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

"For over 35 years, Honda associates in America have focused on building high quality automobiles for our customers, a passionate commitment that has enabled us to reach this production milestone," said Tom Shoupe, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Honda of America Mfg Inc. "This achievement truly represents 25 million customers who put their faith in the Honda brand and we will continue to honour this relationship with a focus on achieving the highest levels of quality and innovation in the next 25 million vehicles."

Marking the occasion at Honda's Marysville Auto Plant was an all-new 2018 Honda Accord in obsidian blue pearl.

The best-selling car in America since its debut in 1976, the 10th-generation Accord was selected as the 2018 North American Car of the Year, following a new-from-the-ground-up redesign that features dramatic new styling, a new body structure and all-new powertrain strategy – including two new turbo engines and the world's first 10-speed automatic transmission for a front-wheel drive car.