Visitors from the Lost World of Tambun

THE brave and assertive chief Kukuntalu, his wife Masina, and two of their subjects from the Malayana tribe came all the way from the Luminous Forest in the Lost World of Tambun to visit theSun offices today.

With them was news of the upcoming fun-filled activities visitors at the Lost World of Tambun can experience this school holiday (March 17 to 25).

A family of four could put their skills with a bow and arrow to the test by knocking down stuffed animals in Knock Out, and test their balance in the Catch It! Chief Kukuntalu! Game.

Kids could learn to decorate masks at the Tribal Mask for Kids activity and take photos in the Malayana tribe costumes.

Visitors could also make a wish with a Malayana Spirit Stone at the Luminous Forest Wapi Springs.

The Luminous Forest is the latest attraction at Lost World of Tambun's Lost World Hot Springs Night Park. An adventure in itself, the walk through the glowing woods that is the home of the Malayana Tribe tells visitors the story and legends of the people who live there.

Meanwhile, those who are planning to visit the Matta Fair in KL and Ipoh, which is happening from March 16 to 18, could pick up a Lost World Explorer Pass which gives pass holders unlimited entries to both the day and night parks.

A 6-month pass will be available for RM180 while a 1-year pass will only cost RM200, instead of the published rate of RM588. Existing Annual Pass (night pass) members can upgrade their pass to the Lost World Explorer Pass at LWOT's Membership Tower upon expiration at a special rate of only RM150 per year.