Crime and magic

WE HAVE seen light-hearted crime series with law enforcers working with unlikely characters ranging from novelists, fake psychics, and someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Now, with new series Deception, we have the FBI getting a bit of ‘magical’ help from an illusionist.

The series, which premieres today, on the same day as the US, at 9pm on Warner TV (HyppTV channel 613 and Astro channel 719), revolves around charismatic, cocky Las Vegas illusionist Cameron Black, played by Jack Cutmore-Scott (pix).

After his brother was framed for murder and incarcerated, Black charmed his way into convincing the FBI to let him and his team work with them to solve crimes.

Black is convinced it was a magician who not only framed his brother, but has put his/her skills up for hire to criminals to commit crimes that escape detection.

The pilot episode enforces the tropes of a crime procedural that we all know and love, but with ‘the world’s first consulting illusionist’ who, in his monologues, reveal the philosophy, methods and way of thinking of an illusionist.

The series seems to show potential from the first episode, but only time will tell if its shtick has enough strength to carry the show for more than one season.