'I'm baffled', says woman who claimed she was denied police protection

KUALA LUMPUR: Entrepreneur Kogee Sinniah who alleged she was denied protection at a police station on Monday said today that she was baffled by comments made by the police that the whole episode was a misunderstanding.

Kogee, 41, said she had spoken clearly to the sentry at the Alam Damai police station and told him she felt threatened when a car with three youths in it trailed and harassed her.

She said she was puzzled by a police comment in a news report that cited a misunderstanding had caused the issue.

"I had spoken to the personnel in a mix of Bahasa Malaysia and English and it was clear I was in distress. I do not understand how there could have been a miscommunication," she told theSun.

Kogee said she lodged a police report on Tuesday and an investigations officer went over to her house to have her statement recorded.

She lauded the investigations team for their efficiency, describing them as being "wonderful".

Kogee said she had forgiven the three youths for what they allegedly did but will allow the law to take its course.

"These are three young boys who were probably unaware that what they did is wrong. I hope this will open our eyes as a nation to educate people that road bullying is wrong and they should not resort to such acts," she said.

Kogee also said that police should enlighten the public on what they should do in the event of such an incident befalling them.

"It is only natural that we turn to the police when we are faced with danger or feel our life is under threat. The focus of the police should be to protect the public," she said.

On Monday, Kogee who was driving in Alam Damai with her 13-year-old son when three youths in another car allegedly trailed and harassed her after she is said to have swerved her car into their path.

She drove to the Alam Damai police station to seek help but was disallowed entry by a police personnel.

She was eventually allowed in after calling 999.

Later, Kogee posted two videos in Facebook detailing her experience.

Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur police chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said investigations into the case have been completed and the findings sent to the Attorney-General's Chambers for the next course of action.

It is learnt that the three youths who were arrested on Tuesday were also freed on police bail today.

They were held for criminal intimidation under Section 506 of the Penal Code.

Mazlan had said on Tuesday that an internal probe was also ongoing and action will be taken against the police personnel on duty during the incident if findings show he had failed in carrying out his duties.