Netizens outraged by viral video of girl kicking kitten into a drain

GEORGE TOWN: A short video clip of a girl kicking a kitten into a drain at Kubong Menerong in Tasek Gelugor here has gone viral on social media.

The twelve-second clip shows a young girl laughing and kicking a kitten into a drain, the terrified feline can be seen running away in the video clip.

The recording was taken by the girl's friends, though it is not known why she resorted to kicking the kitten.

Netizens who criticised the girl's behaviour, urged for action to be taken against her for animal cruelty.

Animal rights activist Dalbinder Singh Gill told theSun that the teenager needs to be educated on animal welfare.

He said the girl who is still young, needs to be taught to care for animals and not to resort to violence when encountering animals.

"She should be educated and sent for counselling as well," he told theSun.

He said youths who commit such acts, should also be made to do social work at animal shelters, so they would be able to learn how to handle animals.

Dalbinder said many animal abuse cases occurred due to a lack of education.

"No point being harsh, but we need to use another way to tackle such problems," he stressed.

Watch the viral video here: