Discovery packages for the discerning with Trafalgar

FROM ancient wonders which have stood the test of time to beautiful and dreamy coasts, interesting eats and diverse cultures unique to each country and region, Europe is bursting with diversity, luring travellers to visit this region again and again.

Taking you there is Trafalgar, with its 71 years of experience in guided travel. The highly awarded guided holiday company, as voted by travel agents and guests, boasts a 97% guest satisfaction rate.

Over five million travellers have traversed the world with Trafalgar since 1947. The company offers some 160 itineraries to Europe alone, providing endless choices of travel types – relaxing to bustling, across solo, small and large groups.


Italy has always been a popular destination. From north to south, the country resonates with the good life – rich in art, architecture, music, food and breathtaking scenery.

While central Italy offers rolling hills of vines that meet the mountains, the south underlines charm with its long stretches of sand and exotic cobble-stoned medieval villages, archaeological sites and beautiful islands.


No one does pomp and pageantry better than the British, given that London is one of the most regal cities in the world.

Trace centuries of heritage and historical landmarks, marvel at castles, cathedrals and picturesque countrysides, or indulge in traditional English afternoon and evening tea, then indulge in the creative arts and musicals at the famous West End or party at London's bests.

Hop on over to Scotland's literary capital of Edinburgh or feisty Glasgow and the lochs, even the glens of the Scottish Highlands, or experience the Irish zest for life while exploring its many natural wonders.


Southern Europe is home to some of the world's most soul-stirring Unesco World Heritage sites. Visit the magical kingdom of France's Mont Saint-Michel; be mesmerised by Spain's stunning Alhambra Palace and it's intricately carved and colourful interiors, or be awed at Portugal's 16th century Batalha Monastery architecture - these destinations touch all senses and draw tourists back time and again.


The sites and scenery in Eastern Europe and the Balkans warrant visitors to soak in the natural beauty. From medieval cities to historic treasures, the longest and deepest fjord the Pearl of the Adriatic, the crystal clear Plitvice lakes – familiar favourites and lesser-known gems await across Split, Dubrovnik, Slovenia, Poznan, Krakow and more.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when visiting Scandinavia and Russia. Fjords, glaciers and islands of Northern Europe astonish and intrigue offering a fascinating journey of discovery.

Get a taste of the different cultures and natural beauty that Norway, Sweden and Denmark beckon, then move on to to discover Russia's Tsars, its magnificent heritage of the fearsome Vikings, awesome sights of St Petersburg, the spectacular Hermitage Museum that houses the world's largest and most valuable artworks of da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vermeer and more – then leave but realise how the soul is stirred, nurtured and nourished.

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