Admin clerk harassed by former boyfriend

KUALA LUMPUR: An admin clerk who ended a relationship with a married man five years ago says her former beau has continued to harass her.

Emily Tan, 33, said her former boyfriend has demanded that she return all the money he had 'invested' in their 3-year relationship.

"I am in shock that he made such a request, totally not taking in mind what I have done for him," she told reporters during a press conference at Wisma MCA earlier today.

Relating her ordeal, Tan revealed that she had got into a relationship with the man five years ago and not long into the relationship she found out that he was actually married.

"I wanted to end the relationship there and then but because he promised he would settle everything and refused to let go, I changed my mind and remained in the relationship.

"However, when things remained the same for two years without any changes, I decided to end the relationship once and for all and married another man a few months later," Tan said.

Tan added that when her former beau found out she had married another man, he demanded the return of all the money he had put into their relationship.

"He even demanded a public apology," she said.

Not willing to oblige to the unreasonable request, Tan decided to seek advice from MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong.