Family lodges police report after son gets bullied

PETALING JAYA: A standard four pupil at a national primary school in Alam Damai, Cheras, has been bullied for close to a year, according to the boy's guardian.

She said when the bullying got worse, the family made a police report against the student who was the alleged bully.

"The bully had asked another student in standard one to attack the boy's younger brother who also studies in the same school, SK Alam Damai.

"The boy was hit on his head resulting in a cut and his T-shirt was stained with blood," the guardian said.

She said when they met the boy and his mother, the boy admitted that he had used a pencil case to hit the younger boy, but the boy's mother asked them to "ignore it", giving the excuse that her son had a short temper.

The family was in the midst of lodging another report against a standard one pupil.

According to the guardian, the bullying of the elder boy started in August last year and there had been three incidents where he was shoved and pushed, resulting in bruises.

The guardian said within a week the boy was hit with a broom and the family felt that they had no choice but to lodge a complaint with the headmistress.

Despite this, she claimed the headmistress failed to take action against the bully.

"On Feb 28 this year the boy was hit with a ruler by the bully and the family again went to the school to lodge a complaint. The teacher pleaded with the family not to make it into a big issue."