Incident of woman in distress became an issue because video went viral: Nur Jazlan

KUALA LUMPUR: A recent incident where a woman claimed that she was denied police protection would not have become an issue if the video had not gone viral.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed (pix) said the matter occurred due to a misunderstanding between the woman and the police personnel in charge.

"The problem is that the issue was made viral by the complainant.

"From a non-issue, the viral video had become something of a fake news, as if the police did not exercise their responsibilities," he said in his winding-up speech on the royal address of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the Dewan Rakyat sitting here.

In the incident, Kogee Sinniah, took her plight to social media by posting two videos of herself detailing her encounter with the driver of another vehicle and a sentry policeman at the Alam Damai police station.

In the videos, she alleged that the police had turned a blind eye to her predicament when she tried to seek protection at a police station after she was harassed by another motorist.

Nur Jazlan stressed that a police station is categorised as a restricted area and action could be taken against those found trespassing into the compound.

In clearing the air over the incident, Nur Jazlan said the sentries on duty at that time had to request information from the woman after she came to the police station late at night.

He added police would not restrict the entrance of any person into the police station if they provided a legitimate reason.

Nur Jazlan said police had arrested three suspects in relation to the case last week.

He said the investigation paper had been forwarded to the public prosecutor's office for further action.

Meanwhile, contacted by theSun, Kogee said she is appalled by Nur Jazlan's understanding and perspective of the incident.

"How could the videos I posted be construed as fake news. I was there with my 12-year-old son in the middle of the night pursued by a group of youths. I went to the police for shelter and but was disallowed entry.

"It was not until I called 999 twice and related what I was going through was I allowed in. Is the deputy minister calling me a liar. I challenge him to say what he said in public and not under immunity in Dewan Rakyat. If this had happened to his wife, children or any family member, would he be making the same comments or react similarly?" she said.

Kogee said if turning to the police in times of distress and emergencies in the manner she did was wrong, then Nur Jazlan should reveal to the public the how-to procedures in such situations.

"He should come out and tell the public the SOP (standard operating procedures) on how a single mother who is with her young child should handle a situation where she is being menacingly followed by a car with three unknown people whom she had no idea is armed or dangerous.

"There was no miscommunication between me and the police. I was in distress, presuming my safety under threat due to the men persuing me and this should have been clearly understood by the policemen." she told theSun.