MIC will lose all seats except Tapah: Party insider

PETALING JAYA: Chances of the MIC retaining it's four parliament seats it clinched in the last general election look slim, based on feedback gathered by its own members.

According to a senior party leader who declined to be named, several MIC members had gone to the ground and spoken to the electorate without identifying themselves as party members.

"Based on the feedback received, we learnt that most of the Indian community were not happy with what the party has done for them.

"They said they felt cheated. The Maika Holdings Bhd saga had left a sour note among the community and many felt that if Oriental Capital Assurance Bhd had been handled professionally, there would have been no need to sell it off.

"MIC had set up an investment arm that had been touted as the "all Indian dream" and many of those who invested in Maika, especially the poor, had sold off their jewellery in the hope of getting a piece of this Indian dream," he said.

He said rumours that party president, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam was also looking around for a safe seat in the coming polls had also created waves among the community.

He said this not the only thing that has created mistrust as rumours have been abound that Subramaniam, who is also the MIC president, is looking at ditching his Segamat seat for the safe seat of Hulu Selangor.

He said the Subramaniam should come out and either deny the rumour or admit he is looking at a safe seat.

The source said with all this going and the party now demanding Cameron Highlands because it is their traditional seat only creates more unhappiness within the community.

He said those in Cameron Highlands felt that the party had ignored them ever since they sacked former president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel and now as the elections looms they have started claiming the seat and are suddenly appearing in the constituency.

He said this action by the party is a little bit too late, and to win back the support of the Indian voters will be hard going as the party has been seen as ignoring them.

He said Subramaniam wants the party to contest in nine parliamentary seats but in the last election they only won four seats and ended up with three seats after kicking out Palanivel.

He added that there will be no promise that history will not repeat itself if infighting breaks out in the party and the only ones who will suffer is the community.