Only govt statements on 1MDB is real news: Jailani

KUALA LUMPUR: Any information on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) issue other than statements verified by the government is "fake news".

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Jailani Johari urged the public to "accept" the government's explanation on the matter.

"The government views that, other than information that has been verified by the government and mentioned here in the Dewan, the rest are declared as fake news," he said in winding up to the debates on the royal address.

Jailani said the 1MDB case has been decided on after investigations and reports have been presented to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Opposition should stop revisiting "old matters".

He was responding to Datuk Johari Abdul (PKR-Sungai Petani), who asked the government to verify various information on 1MDB.

"Now the issue is this, why the people want to raise the issue is because they have not received an accurate answer.

"That is why I said the role of this ministry which governs multimedia is to explain the matter," Johari said.

Jailani however just reiterated that the case is over and that the Parliament handsard is available on its official website for reference.

"We don't have to scrutinise the 1MDB case anymore because we already made everything clear. So anything else that comes up after this is all fake news.

"We don't have to make this issue polemic. We have both sides in PAC and if the PAC decision is also questioned then what more other matters. I hope you will accept my reply," he said.