‘Accident victim dies as witnesses too slow to act’

A MAN recently shared a horrifying incident a few days ago. Calvin (not his real name) had a long night of partying and was heading home at about 6.30am when he spotted a guy was severely injured on the street along Jalan Raja Chulan.

Crowding around the victim, were four or five individuals, who were explaining to newcomers what happened. Apparently, the victim wanted to cross the road when he was hit by a vehicle.

Despite having a small crowd, none reached out for help, Calvin told a viral portal.

"I asked them if an ambulance is on its way, and to my horror, no one tried calling one! I had to be the one to call for help. The driver was at the scene as well. I tried talking to him but the man was blatantly in shock."

An ambulance arrived 20 minutes later, but sadly it was too late to save the victim.
"It was crazy to have experienced that. The man was still moving when I saw him, but then he stopped. To see someone alive and then die right in front of your eyes is… There are no words to describe it."