It’s Miss Sherlock on the case

IF YOU are a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and its many reincarnations, you will undoubtedly want to catch Miss Sherlock.

This groundbreaking production, which is a partnership between HBO Asia and Hulu in Japan, will premiere globally across 20 territories in Asia on HBO Asia’s network of channels and services as well as on Hulu in Japan on April 27.

You can catch it on HBO (Astro channel 411/ 431) at 9am, with a same-day primetime encore at 9pm.

In this new interpretation of Doyle’s classic character, the story is now set in modern-day Tokyo, and the leads are women.

Yuko Takeuchi stars in the titular role as Sara Shelly Futaba while her crime-solving partner, Dr Wato Tachibana, is played by Shihori Kanjiya.

In this eight-part, hour-long HBO Asia Original Japanese drama series, Tachibana is a surgeon who recently returned from a volunteer doctors’ mission in Syria, while Futaba is an investigation consultant to the police department.

The two meet and join hands to solve bizarre and difficult cases aided by Futaba’s extraordinary observation and reasoning skills.

Others in the cast are Kenichi Takito who plays crafty Inspector Reimon who tries to leverage Futaba’s talents to advance his own career, and Tomoya Nakamura as Sergeant Shibata, a conservative male chauvinist who works under Reimon.

The series also stars Yukiyoshi Ozawa as Kento, Futaba’s older brother, while Ryohei Otani plays Tachibana’s potential love interest, and Ran Ito is Futaba’s widowed landlord Kimie Hatano.