Beyond the norm

Taylor’s University embraces the future with the transformation of its curriculum for degree and diploma programmes. Changes began last March. The Taylor’s Curriculum Framework (TCF) is a revamp of the traditional curriculum. It is crafted to enable students to be future-ready. With these changes, students will be better equipped with in-demand skills that will stand the test of time in this ever-transforming global workplace.

“The TCF aims to address the expected mismatch between tertiary education and the future job market in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). Employers and industry players are indicating that graduating with high marks does not necessarily equate to satisfactory performance in the workplace. Hence, we have redesigned our curriculum in order for our graduates to be future-proof and industry-relevant,” said Taylor’s University deputy vice-chancellor and chief academic officer, Prof Dr Pradeep Nair.

The TCF was launched by the Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

“Higher education institutions must be able to position themselves in line with the changes brought about by Industry 4.0. I am pleased to see Taylor’s University take the lead in implementing the TCF to future-proof our graduates. It is indeed a step in the right direction as the university provides students the needed 21st-century skills and exposure through a broad-based curriculum,” Idris said.

With the TCF, students will have options to take up interdisciplinary modules that cater to their interests, strengths and career ambitions. The altered framework will also help students gain a broader perspective on the subject they’re majoring in.

Students can co-curate their degrees by selecting from a list of 53 minors, 21 extensions, 21 second majors and 203 additional electives, all complementary to their primary major. The Complementary Study Component is a flexible, adaptive learning approach meant to equip graduates with the relevant skills for their future career.

For students who take on subjects beyond the Taylor’s University electives, TCF allows them to expand their knowledge while enhancing their cross-cultural knowledge by spending a semester abroad. Students can select from a list of 172 partner universities across 32 countries to gain relevant international experience and become more culturally adaptive.

Partner universities include the University of Sheffield in UK, the University of Denmark and the University of Toulouse Jean Jaures in Europe, as well as the Education University of Hong Kong, Tokyo University in Japan and the University of South Australia.