Wishing for a change? Be careful what you wish for: MCA

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians may be looking for a change in the coming general election but everyone must be careful what they wish for and ask themselves will the change be one for the better, said MCA publicity spokesman Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker (pix).

He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Adbul Razak has walked the talk and has always taken a moderate stance and been accommodating to all Malaysians.

"Najib's leadership has been all about inclusiveness and the spirit of 1Malaysia despite opposition from within his party.

"The prime minister has made difficult decisions for the future of the nation and he has done what is necessary although it was politically incorrect such as the Goods and Services Tax," he said.

He said he hoped Malaysians would not simply vote to change but also think of what that change will about. It should not be about putting back a fallen former Prime Minister of 22-years on the claim that he has changed.

He asked whether the nation wants to return to the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman, who was forced out by ultra Malays led by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad after the Alliance lost popular support in the elections in 1969 as a result of ethnic provocations by DAP.

He said Lim Kit Siang played the role of a Chinese chauvinist while Dr. Mahathir played the ultra Malay nationalist role then, and after Tunku's fall, the nation has been nostalgic of Tunku's liberal multiracial policies. Many have moaned and regretted the removal of Tunku thereafter.

He said Tunku was brought down before his time, a leader who took the moderate, pluralistic and secular approach.

He added that after that the nation became more Malay centric and nationalistic. Thereafter under Dr .Mahathir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the nation became more radical and theocratic.

"Many Malaysians are nostalgic of Tunku's rule. We are now revisiting 1969. By simply wishing to vote out Najib, history may repeat itself. Mahathir and Kit Siang May have succeeded to overthrow another serving Prime Minister but the country may be returning back to the scenario of 1969 whereby the change is not better.

"It is important to recognise that DAP today is only interested in getting to Putrajaya, for example, it is even willing to give up its own logo this general election just to win Malay votes now that they have cornered the Chinese votes," Ti told theSun.

He said if Najib fails to win popular support and the political racial equilibrium is disturbed, the country will end up with a bi-racial system as Malaysia is not a dual party system. There's no Republicans or Democrats like that in US or Labour against Conservatives like that in UK.

He pointed out that DAP by giving up its logo in pursuit of power, has shown that it has come to terms, that it is the Malay votes that rule. Ours is more of a Malay centric political environment and DAP is now dancing to their tunes despite their previous condemnation and condescending of BN.

"DAP cannot be trusted or relied on to fight for the people. Do Malaysians need to be reminded that DAP had in the past failed to follow through its promise to hold local government elections purely because of objections from PKR and PAS on racial grounds?

"If local government elections were held, the third tier of some governments would have seen a very high representation of Chinese and Indians and this was not acceptable," he said.

Ti said if DAP can give up on such a promise what else will the party be willing to give up once they are comfortably safe in Putrajaya.

The MCA Central Committee member said under the 22-year rule of Dr Mahathir the practice of cronyism and bailouts of companies was rife, and the voters should ask if they want to return to the old ways of the much dreaded Mahathirism.

He added that Dr. Mahathir is very well known for his authoritarian ways and has dictated DAP to accept him back as the Prime Minister and to abandon the Rocket logo thus far.

Mahathirism will return if the Opposition takes power.