Bogus cop cons housewife of RM9k

KUANTAN: A man posing as a narcotics police inspector put the fear into a Felda Jengka 24 housewife that her two children were in police custody, before conning her into parting with RM9,000 to secure their release yesterday.

However, unknown to the 54-year-old woman, the children were not in police custody.

Nevertheless, she deposited RM5,000 and RM4,000 at separate bank accounts in Jerantut town as instructed by the 'inspector'.

The housewife was then told to wait for the man near the Jerantut police headquarters. However, when the 'inspector' was nowhere to be seen, she smelled a rat and lodged a police report.

Pahang Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief, Supt Mohd Wazir Yusof said the victim had received a call from the bogus policeman at 4.15pm yesterday, introducing himself as a police inspector from the Jerantut district narcotics division.

The man tricked the woman into believing her children were in police custody and demanded for RM9,000 for their so-called release, he told reporters here today. — Bernama