Heartbroken wife of murdered Palestinian to return to homeland for good

KUALA LUMPUR: Following the shocking murder of her lecturer and imam husband by assassins last Saturday, Dr Fadi Mohammed Al Batsh's wife said she and and her three young children will return to her homeland of Palestine for good.

But Enas Al Batsh, 31, said she would honour her husband's wish for her to continue with her PhD.

She described her late husband, who was brutally gunned down while walking to a surau near their condominium in Setapak for dawn prayers, as a man who was passionate about education.

"I remember my husband saying, you had been patient in waiting for me to finish my PhD, and I will wait for you to continue your PhD. He was insisting on that, for me to complete my studies," she told the media here last night in what was her first ever interview following the murder that shocked Malaysians.

Speaking through a translator, Enas, who was deeply saddened by her husband's demise, said she had enrolled for a PhD programme with Universiti Malaya's Education Faculty, and would continue her studies online.

Enas also paid tribute to the late Fadi for his willingness to make sacrifices for their children's education.

Wearing a blue hijab, Enas was accompanied at the session with the media by her one-year-old son Mohammed and her brother-in-law, Ramy Al Batsh, 28, who had flown into Malaysia from Germany.

With her voice tinged with sadness, Enas said she had been staying in Malaysia for the past seven years.

The family, she said, had planned to go on holiday in Malaysia before her husband was murdered.

She described her 35-year-old husband as a a very kind and caring man who lived his life with a positive attitude.

"He was an optimistic person who positively affected those around him," she said. Fadi's remains are expected to be flown to Egypt from KL International Airport at about 7pm today before being transported by land to Gaza.

Ramy, meanwhile, described his late brother as an amazing and kind-hearted person, and a teacher to everyone around him.

But Ramy had only harsh words for those who killed his beloved brother who was also the father of two girls – Doaa, 6, and Aseel, 4. "The culprits should be taken to justice and face the worst possible punishment," he said .

He said Fadi, a man who had memorised the Quran, was just a normal man and loved by everyone, including non-Muslims.

"It's just unthinkable that he was capable of hurting others so much so that it would lead to his murder," he said.

He also rubbished claims that Fadi was capable of making rockets. — Bernama