Listen to your conscience

TOMORROW is D-day. About 15 million citizens are expected to vote with a few million still not decided of their roles. Those who are enthusiastic are unsure if they will be able to make it.

There seem to be many (un)intended "barriers" – one being the weekday. But the fighting spirit is high: "Rabu" is now "Ramai Akan Balik Undi"– not just Wednesday any more.

It is heart-warming to see many citizens' initiatives are keeping the "Rabu" spirit burning. It truly is a beacon of "hope" signalling that Malaysians are desirous of a democratic way of life not just for today but post-GE14.

By insisting on a firm stand to ensure that electoral processes are duly respected and not compromised in any way, Suhakam adds the much needed sense of confidence not to turn GE14 into a political circus.

The air of confidence is also bolstered by the many "new faces" (especially women) being fielded.

Unfortunately for some quarters this seems to be more of a political ploy to strike home the message that they are willing to embrace – but only in their favour.

This is apparent from the subsequent (veiled) warnings to toe the line or else – which encompassed "old faces" who were axed for just that.

So what chance do the "new faces" have? Looks like the grip on the "old ways" is still the mindset advocated by the tired, desperate faces come what may.
So voters must make critical choices.

The desperation is more obvious when it is arbitrarily "ruled" that not all faces especially the "old" ones are allowed to be publicly displayed.

The double standards are unmistakeable. Those affected are relatively "young" looking (with full black hair) exuding charisma that could be a crowd-puller for the undecided.

Likewise, the reverse holds true; over publicised faces could be a double-edged sword. Beware!

In the same vein, not all "new faces" are welcomed by the "oldies" who felt that they are being short-changed. What is more when some of the latter are privileged to contest both state and parliamentary seats.

How the political correctness factors in is hard to fathom leading to allegations that the system is "broken". Worst when told it is a "reality" that must be accepted, else.

Thus as envisaged the "new faces" are not spared. A case in point is when one was unfairly singled out as being a "communist" by virtue of a family history going back so many decades.

We conveniently forget that never before has Malaysia as a sovereign nation been so beholden to an ambitious "communist" entity.

Yet when similar reminders were raised knee-jerk counter-attacks were launched in defence of the "communist" stakeholders and their local "beneficiaries" enticed by the billions of ringgit invested.

A banner involving one leading local politician grinning away with a leader from China has also been sighted as evidence.

So why pick on a young novice when some veterans are openly flirting with the same kind to the extent even election banners proudly displaying information that they are made in the "communist" entity, as though to snub our local national pride (if any left)!

It is due to these muddle-ups and the finer hidden ramifications for the future that this election can be a vital turning point.

Hence we need to walk tall as Malaysians and vote with our conscience fully intact.

We have heard how elections in other countries (no less the US) have been manipulated by foreign interest(s).

By listening to our own conscience, we the rakyat can collectively safeguard the future of this beloved country from the unscrupulous.

So vote well and turn the Rabu initiative of "Ramai Akan Balik Undi" into a movement of "Rakyat Asas Benteng yang Utuh" (the Rakyat As the Basis for Unity) to save Malaysia! God willing.

With some four decades of experience in education, the writer believes that "another world is possible". Comments: