Book review: Keep Her Safe

ENGLISH tourist Cara Burrows was looking forward to relaxing in a five-star spa resort, not knowing that her life was about to turn into a nightmare.

A simple mistake at the front desk leads Cara to a room that is already occupied by a man and a teenage girl.

She later realises that the girl in the room is someone who is supposed to be dead – the most famous murder victim in America, Melody Chapa.

Seven years ago, when Melody was only seven, she went missing, and evidence points to the fact that she has been murdered. Her parents were convicted of the crime, and are serving life sentences.

So how could Cara, who knew nothing about that case before, be sure of what she saw? Without knowing who or what to trust, Cara reads up on the case but soon realises that if she had really seen Melody, her own life could be in danger.

It is not something she would choose to poke her nose into, especially since she is up to her eyebrows in problems of her own. But fate works in strange ways, and Cara soon finds she has no choice in the matter.

The plot twists and turns like a maze, and with an amusing character like Tarin Fry to stir things up, Keep Her Safe is an intriguing read.

The only thing is that the ending is a little ambiguous, and you are left wondering if there is more to come.