Return of the Big Bad Wolf Box Sale 2018

THE Big Bad Wolf is back with the Box Sale, promising an all-you-can-read book buffet!

The Box Sale is being held at the Starling Mall, Petaling Jaya for the very first time this year,until this Sunday, from 10am to 10pm in the Exhibition Hall next to MBO Cinemas.

There are thousands of books available from classics, bestsellers, young adult fiction, children's books cookbooks, business titles, rare treasures, and sought-after titles and more.

The concept of the Sale is like a ‘takeaway box’, where shoppers can purchase a box and take home as many books as they can fit into it.

A Big Tapau Box, which costs RM99.90, can hold up to RM2,000 worth of books. A Small Tapau Box at the Sale costs only RM79.90. Shoppers can also opt for the Family Tapau Pack at RM160 for a combo of both boxes.

Students are welcome to use their Kad Siswa at the Sale as well.

Before checking out their boxes, shoppers must ensure that it can be closed flat and without force, with the top flaps of the box meeting easily. Shoppers with boxes that are bursting at the seams will be requested to trim down their book selections.

The Big Bad Wolf Box Sale does not provide book reservations – the only way to get the books at great value is in person.

Be sure to visit the Big Bad Wolf Books’ social media pages for updates on daily specials.