Kao’s time-saving solutions for parents

KAO MALAYSIA is reaching out to parents of young families in its latest campaign, Welcome to My Modern Parenthood, which is offering solutions for parents to save time that can be better spent with their loved ones.

“What we want to do is help modern families maximise the 24 hours in a day to spend more time capturing happy moments with their family,” said Kao Malaysia president Masaki Fujiwara.

Fujiwara (pix) was speaking at the launch of the campaign during a roadshow event at Sunway Pyramid in Bandar Sunway.

He added: “We do this by bringing them smarter ways to look after their homes and families, which leaves them with a better control of their time.”

Kao is offering better, easy-to-use and faster solutions to help with the daily chores of keeping the house and family clean.

Kao Malaysia Marketing vice president Tan Poh Ling said: “Kao Malaysia’s hallmark solutions – Merries, Attack and Magiclean – serve to provide the highest-quality and fastest solutions in home maintenance and baby care.”

She added that they are so easy to use, that even the growing number of dads who help out with household chores have no problems taking on the tasks.

The Merries baby diapers, Magiclean homecare range, and Attack laundry concentrated powder are the top-selling brands in Japan.

At the event, Kao Japan Lifestyle Research Centre and Positive Parenting also launched a parenting guidebook, The Secret to My Modern Parenthood, which offers practical advice to families in terms of home care and increased domestic efficiency.

The guidebook can also be downloaded from the Kao Malaysia website.