Kit Siang: How much is Umno laying claim to?

PETALING JAYA: DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has asked a question which is on the minds of many Malaysians.

"How much is Umno claiming from the multi-million ringgit items seized by the police from the Pavilion Residences linked to Najib?" he asked in a statement issued today.

Umno is seeking the return of funds which the police have seized, on the grounds that they were being transferred to the new Umno leadership following Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's resignation as party president, he said.

This is most intriguing question is this — does Umno know how much it is claiming from the items seized by the police from the Pavilion Residences linked to Najib as belonging to Umno, he added.

"If it is unable provide a list to enumerate the details on the total amount claimed, how can Umno lay any claim to the funds seized by the police?"

The DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri also raised the question on the 35 bags filled with jewellery and watches. He asked if Umno is laying a claim to them on the grounds that they belonged to the party as well.

"What about the 284 boxes of designer handbags – is Umno laying a claim to them as well?" Lim asked.

Lim also questioned if Najib knew how much of the RM114 million in cash in the 35 bags seized by the Police were donations to Umno for the 14th general election.

"If he does not know, what can there be any basis for Umno to make such a claim? Will a proper inventory of the Umno claims be submitted to the police, stating the amount of donations by the various individuals, confirmed and verified by the various donors on the respective donations involved?

"If Umno cannot submit such an inventory, then what is the basis for any Umno claim to the monies seized by the Police on the ground that they are donations to UMNO for the 14th General Elections?

"If the monies seized by the police were donations for Umno for the 14th General Elections, why were they dispersed like ill-gotten proceeds in the various Pavilion Residences?"

Lim also asked why was the money still around after the GE14.