Najib govt had me jailed, says Justo

PETALING JAYA: Former PetroSaudi executive Xavier Justo has blamed the former Barisan Nasional government under Datuk Seri Najib Razak for him being thrown in jail for three years in Thailand.

He said the BN government had a hand in his sentence over his attempt to release documents linking Najib to the multi-billion-dollar 1MDB scandal.

"(PetroSaudi's top official) Mr Patrick Mahony, on the authorisation or the direction of people of your government, and with the collaboration of your government, went to see me inside the prison," he said.

"I've never been convicted of anything. I was a banker and quite a successful one. I didn't need this, but it happened, so if people think I am a bad guy, so be it.

"If people think I am a hero, I am not a hero. The real heroes are the people of Malaysia."

He told The Star in an exclusive interview that he was visited by Malaysian government officials, who wanted to have him extradited to Malaysia.

In describing the greed behind the 1MDB scandal, Justo said: "It is unbelievable how greedy, how insane, how mad those people are. They really thought that whatever was in the central bank of Malaysia was theirs.

"'So, we need a billion. Just open the safe. We need three more billion. Let's issue a bond against some fake collateral. We need more. Let's do that.' They really thought that this Malaysian money was their own money."