Dong Zong wishes to meet Education MInister for discussions on Chinese primary schools

DONG Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) president Datuk Vincent Lau said the association wants to meet new Education Minister Dr Mazlee Malik over the problems facing Chinese primary schools.

They include the association's stand against the proposal to combine classes of two grades in under-enrolled primary schools, Oriental Daily News reported today.

Speaking after visiting a Chinese primary school in Sungai Petani on Saturday, Lau said the association had written to Mazlee for a meeting.

"We have written to new Education Minister Mazlee Malik for a meeting to be arranged. We are waiting for his reply," he said.

On the proposal by the previous Barisan Nasional government to combine classes of different grades in under-enrolled primary schools, he said the association has been steadfast on its position.

"We will not change our stand in opposing the proposal."

Lau also said all Chinese primary schools are facing one problem or another and the association will do its utmost to assist them.

"Dong Zong hopes the Chinese community will stand by it as far as education is concerned.

"Together we can provide a good learning environment for our children, be they in urban or rural areas," he said.

He said Dong Zong also hopes to discuss in depth Pakatan Harapan's election promise to recognise the United Examination Certificate (UEC) with Mazlee during their meeting.